Tribe: Isukha

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Tribe: Isukha - Name: Lukholo Shirisia

Name: Lukholo Shirisia

Isukha Woman Rainmaker
Rainmaking was an hereditary profession. Joy records, "She attracted the element by going to a sacred place where she waved her ritual staff with the thicker end up. In addition she boiled medicine in four large pots to which she added the ash of burnt thatching-grass. If the brew boiled over, then rain would come - but if there was no spilling, there would be no rain. Should the rainmaker be annoyed by people and want to stop rain, she would dip her staff with its thin end in the pot and the turn this end up to the sky. As long as the staff was kept in this position, there would be no rain. When people wanted to appease an angry rainmaker and get rain, they usually brought presents until she was conciliated and turned the staff round - which apparently produced the desired result".

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